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Playing long tones on the B flat horn and having fun while playing!

The double horn has two sets of slides. Horn makers have chosen to combine two horns into one horn. With this combination, double horn players are able to play more notes with better intonation throughout all four octaves in which the horn can play. The B flat horn and the F horn were combined to achieve better music making on the horn.

In the previous blog post, the F horn overtone series valve combinations were coupled with pop songs that were in the same key as the overtone series. In this article we are addressing the B flat side of the horn. Click here for the previous blog post: ( Playing Long tones on F Horn and having fun! ( )

Tips on how the exercise should be played:

Please play the notes in the harmonic series for each finger combination as straight as possible with a good sound.

Normally this type of exercise can be very boring or the exercise that no one looks forward to doing. This exercise gamifies this boring but important exercise.

All notes in the harmonic series are allowed and try to make music while playing along with these songs.

Have Fun!

B flat Horn Overtone series exercise:

O - India - Parle ä ta tete

2- Mark Forster-Chöre

John Baptiste - Cry

1 - Adel Tawil - Lieder

12 - Five for fighting - Superman

Outkast - Hey Ya

23 - Smash mouth - Allstar

13 - Pharrell Williams - Happy

123 - is coming soon.....


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