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Product Review of the Mini Horn in the key of B Flat


During my recent visit to Herr Münkwitz in his workshop, he showed me a very cute and great sounding mini horn. This mini horn is pitched in B flat and allows smaller children the ability to learn how to play the Fürst Pleß hunting horn but have more options with the amounts of songs that they can play during the beginning of their learning the hunting horn journey.

The mini horn is recieving a rating of highest quality and standard. Here is why:

- The horn is small, but not too heavy

- One thing that is just as important is the cuteness factor. This little horn is so cute and that definitely inspires children and beginning players to practice a bit more.

- The horn has 3 valves that allow the beginner horn student to play 8 notes between the middle C and middle G. Where as in contrast the Fürstpleß Hunting horn can only play 2 out of the 8 notes, the middle C and G.

- In my experience the Fürstpleß hunting horn has only 6 notes that can be played and it takes a lot of air, strength and patience to learn. If a childs body is not yet big enough and lacks the capacity and strength to play all 6 notes, then it is not very fun to practice and play on a daily basis.

- The mini horn allows for the young hunting horn player to also learn how to play happy birthday in addition to basic hunting horn signals. This greater amount of playable notes in an easier playing range increases the variety of songs that can be learned.

- The sound of the mini horn is similar to a flugel horn, because it uses a Horn mouthpiece and has the same playing harmonic series as a trumpet. This is still a beautiful sound and a good sound to start with as a beginning horn player.

- Mini Horns can be rented from Herr Münkwitz for 20 Euros a month. 20 Euros can buy happiness. :)

Where can Herr Münkwitz be found?

Musik Münkwitz

Michael Münkwitz

Tannenweg 22

D-18059 Rostock

This concludes the product review of the Mini Horn and if this post has inspired you to try one out, and you want to learn how to play it from a teacher, then write me a message in the contact form. Have a lovely day and happy practicing!

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